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Professor Marie Murphy

Professor Marie Murphy talks about the research activity at PAHRC and her own research interests.

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Applying intelligent open science to combat future pandemics - Lucia Loffreda, Eleanor Cox, Rob Johnson

Join Lucia Loffreda (speaker), Eleanor Cox (speaker), and Rob Johnson as they present five key lessons that can be learnt to enable preparedness for future pandemics, and Open Research/Open Science…

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Understanding the challenge of our changing oceans with an MSc in Marine Systems and Policies

Understand Earth’s diverse marine ecosystems, the tensions between ocean conservation and marine development, and the policies in place to protect our coastlines and the global ocean. Hear…

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Vaccine Breakthrough Project: How have these results been used in real life?

What actually happens once a research paper has been published? In this soundbite, Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) volunteer Lynn Laidshaw asks Vaccine Breakthrough Project's Principal…

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Sustainability Story 6 (Action): Henry Ibitolu

Henry Ibitolu, COP27 student delegate at the University of Edinburgh, talks about his work to create SustyClimate Hub, connecting young people to make an impact on climate change, and earthen…

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 18th 2022, 3:19:41 pm

Intro video

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A City Turned Upside Down

Poem 'A City Turned Upside Down' by Rosie Stenhouse, part of the Living Through Covid project

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BHoM 2021: Jude Kong (York University, Canada)

This recording is subtitled. You can turn off the subtitles by pressing CC. Harnessing Artificial Intelligence & Big Data techniques to monitor, manage and forecast an epidemic: the case of…

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Mridul Wadhwa Video Interview

In this video, equality campaigner Mridul Wadhwa, who works in Scotland, discusses the findings from the perspective of having worked predominantly in minority ethnic women's organisations.…

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LfS Scotland Members' Story Share -1-

Out to Play by Eco Drama Emily Reid shares some of the highlights and impacts of the Out to Play project, delivered in 27 schools and nurseries since 2015, reaching over 5,000…

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Film 1- Managing Markets for Health

Film 1- Managing Markets for Health

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What are these policy tools updated

What are these policy tools updated

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PRASHANT 2 - Supply Chains - Video 1

PRASHANT 2 - Supply Chains - Video 1

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