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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at the University of Edinburgh means being honest, fair, and responsible in your academic work. It involves giving credit to others for their ideas or work you use, and following…

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Live conversation, Dissertation-20220915_183021-Meeting Recording

Dissertation live conversation recording 15/09/2022

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Clinical Education - Literature Searching

Building keywords and search terms, using informaiton sources such as Google Scholar and databases, and managing literature.

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Let's Talk Episode 14

Holly McConnell is a 2nd year PE undergraduate, who began university at the age of 16, and in lockdown is combining university work with supporting her parents, who are both profoundly deaf.…

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Digital Footprint: Creating an Effective Online Presence

Digital Footprint: Creating an Effective Online Presence (Presenter: Dr Louise Connelly) CC BY-NC-SA

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