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Semi-Integral Points and Quadrics - Sam Streeter

Rational Points on Higher-Dimensional Varieties Semi-Integral Points and Quadrics Sam Streeter (University of Bristol) 26 April 2022

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Introducing the General Engineering (H100) programme

Dr Anthony Callanan, Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, introduces the General Engineering (H100) undergraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh. Find…

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EP1 Promo Full Video

This video contains a collection of some of the best Rube Goldberg Machine group video assignments produced by engineering first years in the AY 2021-22. This assignment is a part of Engineering…

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Surgical Harm, Consent and English Criminal Law - Alexandra Mullock

This is the first in a three part series of free seminar series examining contemporary issues in medical law and ethics organised by the University of Bristol’s Centre for Health, Law and…

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G08B – How hard is it for a student to get up in the morning?

Stewart Alexander (s2206751) Anastasis Lymperopoulos (s2227636) Lee Wei Juin (s2244823) Valentine Tzifos (s2222054) Zihan Cao (s2237084) Ben Kauffman (s2203305) Ayooluwa Kolawole (s2160377) Ethan…

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G09A - Quick Cereal

Jason Kessler (2161965) Aayush Dasmahapatra (2175144) William Gui (2141063) Tianxing Lei (2188055) Connor Anderson (2185207) Greg Mitchell (2203225) Junyang Cheng (2254798) Zac Moraghan Alfie…

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G11D-The breakfast machine

Cameron Knight "s2212724"/ Jiaqi Li "s2176602" / Matthew McCullagh "s2155503" /Shen Mek "s2 252703" /Alistair Murison "s2214327" / Nefeli Pelekanou…

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G06C - Pump That Sanitiser

Cathal Callan (s2195544) Jacky Chen (s2159624) Calum Fleming (s2205106) Havish Ganapathy (s2268509) Devansh Kabra (s2224816) Navi Kaur Padda (s2203772) Emily McFarlane (s2204407) Dylan Yu (s2200689)…

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G04B - Lighting the Christmas Tree

Nicholas Chew (s2225310) Leo Chuns (s2213971) Jane Graves (s2212577) Melisa Mba Nze (s2203327) Yanisa Nieto (s2077291) Isaac Ravenhill (s2183039) Roos Schmalz (s2142674) Japjot Singh (s2233489)…

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G11B - Making a cup of tea

Alex Nicol (s2071312) Fardin Shek (s2154882) Max Chapman (s2185426) Silin Pan (s2231276) Nick Rees (s2176307) Mathias Van Begin (s2241122) Li Tianhao (s2155472) Shiao Wang (s2142395) Charlie Banford…

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G08D - Auto-attend Online Lectures

Thanos Triantafyllou (s2261330)Tinius Mosvold (s2151826)Josh Jones (s2194066)Timi Animashahun (s2194046)Doruk Sarman (s2222657)Yujun Zhou (s2177531)Arjun Thuruthiyil Revi (s2191034)Xinxian Tian…

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Group09C-Start Netflix

Andrew Bull, Hengchen Cao, Ross Johnson, Duncan Milligan, Vedh Nanda, Carlota Olivar Santos, Stamatis Pavlou, Bryan Peng, Aaron Shek, Yiwei Wu

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G14C - Turning on a microwave

Marcus Cleaver-Smith (s2192836) Jasmine Fleming (s2202159) Maciek Iskra (s2145661) Vaidehi Laata (s2151138) Sarthak Mangla (s2241170) Mira Olson (s2246104) Finlay Paterson (s2205934) Jake Waller…

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G09B The Alarm Clock Stopper

Stanley Heap (s2244235) Jinwoo Bae (s2202954) Kangyu Kim (s2266366) Iok Li (s2244897) Rongxi Ma (s2191042) Charlie McCready (s2186189) Yadiy Rizalman (s2244361) Ben Schumacher (s2210847) Tom Yang…

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G05A - That's the Tea!

Group Members: Janna Yandoc (s2095624) Mohammad Khalifa Ahmed Alzeraim Alsuwaidi (s2056369) Josh Bray (s2210586) Angel Cachipuendo (s2214362) Felix Cobb (s2202083) Antony Harrold (s2156541) Ray Jiang…

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G12B Boiling an egg

Herky Bullough (s2161743) Matthew Dunn (s2172007) Jess Edmonds (s2181095) Rodrigo Gea (s2223276) Elvira Kyriakou (s2212296) Hamaad Mashkoor (s2222716) Carla Morrison (s2201064) Aleksandra Osuchowska…

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