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Dissertation Week 2 Live conversation recording

Dissertation Week 2 Live conversation recording

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Introduction to Academic Integrity

Academic integrity at the University of Edinburgh means being honest, fair, and responsible in your academic work. It involves giving credit to others for their ideas or work you use, and following…

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How to Copy Items - Learn Ultra

This tutorial shows how to copy items in Learn Ultra.

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Ethical Design - Laura Evans

Ethical Design - Laura Evans: part of User-driven service design in health and social care (2022-2023)[FLEX]

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AI & Pastoral Care for Christian Churches - 'Proximate and Ultimate Concerns in Christian Ethical Responses to AI'

As part of the AI & Pastoral Care for Christian Churches conference, Professor Michael Burdett (Assistant Professor in Christian Theology, University of Nottingham) delivers a talk titled…

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Laura Macgregor

This event took place on 16 November, 2022 Edinburgh Law School presents the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Laura Macgregor Scottish Partnership Law: The Contribution of George Joseph Bell…

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Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

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Week 4: Redefining the Human

Jeremy Knox discuss week 4 of the course - redefining the human in the digital age. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and include the…

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Research Integrity: the view from the Research Office - Alan Campbell

When we talk about research integrity, what we’re talking about are the principles, ideas and behaviours that make up good research practice. It’s about defining what excellence in the…

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Open Access, Data Management and Emerging Challenges to International Research - Gavin McLachlan

The University of Edinburgh’s current position regarding Open Access and Data management – including the introduction of our new policies. As well as the University’s general…

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Semi-Integral Points and Quadrics - Sam Streeter

Rational Points on Higher-Dimensional Varieties Semi-Integral Points and Quadrics Sam Streeter (University of Bristol) 26 April 2022

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Introducing the General Engineering (H100) programme

Dr Anthony Callanan, Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Engineering, introduces the General Engineering (H100) undergraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh. Find…

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EP1 Promo Full Video

This video contains a collection of some of the best Rube Goldberg Machine group video assignments produced by engineering first years in the AY 2021-22. This assignment is a part of Engineering…

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Surgical Harm, Consent and English Criminal Law - Alexandra Mullock

This is the first in a three part series of free seminar series examining contemporary issues in medical law and ethics organised by the University of Bristol’s Centre for Health, Law and…

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G08B – How hard is it for a student to get up in the morning?

Stewart Alexander (s2206751) Anastasis Lymperopoulos (s2227636) Lee Wei Juin (s2244823) Valentine Tzifos (s2222054) Zihan Cao (s2237084) Ben Kauffman (s2203305) Ayooluwa Kolawole (s2160377) Ethan…

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G09A - Quick Cereal

Jason Kessler (2161965) Aayush Dasmahapatra (2175144) William Gui (2141063) Tianxing Lei (2188055) Connor Anderson (2185207) Greg Mitchell (2203225) Junyang Cheng (2254798) Zac Moraghan Alfie…

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