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DENS Protocol V6.0 Update

DENS Trial - changes to the study Protocol V6.0

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Accord update - Sponsorship and approvals

In this webinar, ACCORD Research Governance staff provide an overview of University of Edinburgh/NHS Lothian sponsorship review/approval requirements for different study types, and how this differs…

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DENS Trial SOP Training slides

SOP Training slides for the DENS Trial. These must be viewed before your Site Initiation Visit.

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MucAct COPD SIV SOP Training Alice Graves 13th July 2021

MucAct COPD SIV SOP Training Alice Graves 13th July 2021

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Research During a Pandemic Series - Monitoring During a Pandemic

Elizabeth Craig, Senior Clinical Trials Monitor in ACCORD, discusses the way she and her team adapted ways of working to ensure Sponsor oversight of clinical trials whilst working remotely. She…

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Statistics in COVID-19 Research Day - Introduction

Miguel de Carvalho (Director, Centre for Statistics) introduces the 'Statistics in the World of Covid-19 Research Day'. The day gathered together experts in the analysis of Covid-19 data…

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ERCCT - Sponsor Risk Assessment Interview

Course Lead James Gibson talks to ACCORD QA Manager Lorn MacKenzie about sponsor risk assessment and oversight of clinical trials.

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Judith Syson 06/08/20

PCTM Welcome

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