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Copy of 090A_TRMP_180226

Copy of 090A_TRMP_180226

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Fiona Bowie Gaelic Week

Fiona Bowie, Teaching Fellow in Gaelic Education, talks about her hopes for the future of Gaelic in education.

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2024 DRS LUNCHTIME SEMINARS - S1 - Digital Skills and Training

Tracy Steinberg from Digital Skills and Training talks about the six-month free programme - Developing Your Data Skills. Tracy addresses the programme format, what are its outcomes, what is Data…

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Introduction to R: Part 1

This video is Part 1/3. This event aligns with the Digital creation, problem solving and innovation competency on the University's Digital Skills Framework. This course is aimed for those who…

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"Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam" - A Conversation with Imam Mustafa Briggs

Join us for this year's New College Black History Lecture where we host a conversation with Imam Mustafa Briggs about his new book, "Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam." This…

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Using Bulk Create in Canva (Pro or Teams)

A 5 minute quick overview on using the Bulk Create functionality in Canva.

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Example Research: Impact of Nitrogen on Coral - Marine Pollution

The following video will talk about the impact of nitrogen on coral.

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What Do Black Rights and Reparations Look Like? – 25 October 2022

Co-sponsored by RACE.ED, Edinburgh Race Equality Network (EREN) and The Sudanese Community in Edinburgh With Zaki El-Salahi, Chaired by Katucha Bento (University of Edinburgh) Each year, The…

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Climate and Environment Group 4 Proposal - SACHA Think Tank '23

On 4 May 2023, #EdChangeAgent​ teams who have been on the internal version of SACHA, called SACHA Think Tank, came together for our very first in-person event. SACHA Think Tank was created to apply…

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DENS Protocol V6.0 Update

DENS Trial - changes to the study Protocol V6.0

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Learning from the best in the world - Online Student Interview

An interview with Hazrul Azhar bin Jamari from Singapore, who graduated with an online MSc Digital Media Design in the winter of 2022 and attended in-person graduations in Edinburgh. He talks about…

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A Global History of Mathematics: An Urgent Human Concern - Alexander Jones

Did the Greeks know that Babylonian astral science was Babylonian? Alexander Jones Institute for the Study of The Ancient World, New York University

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HealthyR: Reshaping Data (pivot)

Data and code at:

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Phillipa Burns, Consultant Vascular Surgeon & Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer

As Phillipa describes, her experience of coming out as a trans woman has been overall very positive, but sadly sometimes coming out as trans can be really challenging. Telling people about your…

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LGBT Medics - Pronouns v2 FULL

Created by LGBT Medics/supported by University of Edinburgh

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Trans Pilot - Ayla / Transgender UK

Meet Ayla, who is a search & rescue pilot. Her wife Wren and her parents share their perspectives on Ayla's transition. Created by Fox Fisher & Lewis Hancox at Lucky Tooth Films. …

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