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Dual Braids in the Complex Braid Arrangement Complement - Jon McCammond

Perspectives on Artin Groups Workshop (24 - 27 May 2021) Jon McCammond, UC Santa Barbara - Dual Braids in the Complex Braid Arrangement Complement 25 May 2021 This recording is subtitled. If you…

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PGHC11506 Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Week 2 The Phonetic Complements

Video by Dr Zsuzsanna Vegh for Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Introduction: Week 2

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CL - 15a - Regular Languages (III) : DFA-regular

Our third definition: we say a language is DFA-regular if it is the language recognised by some DFA.We show that the complement of a DFA-regular language is DFA-regular.

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CL - 11c - CNF by KM (I)

Description Pending

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CL - Review 1 - Contraposition

We show the intuition of contraposition using Venn diagrams.

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Topic 15: Set theory and its use in Probability Theory (PETARS, Chapter 3)

This video gives the background to set theory which is fundamental for dealing with probability more generally. The video discusses using Venn diagrams as a simple way of proving a number of…

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Master of Family Medicine online: Mihiri Tantirimudalige - student testimonial

Mihiri from Sri Lanka talks about studying the Master of Family Medicine online. Join our online community: Mihiri is a recipient of a…

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