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Charlotte McLean

Charlotte McLean Intro

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The Corner Shop PR - GCAS Employer Interview

Sally is the Head of Operation of The Corner Shop PR, an arts PR firm based in Edinburgh who have with worked across the Scottish creative industry, with clients including the Edinburgh International…

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Leamington Publishing_GCAS Presentation-20230209_133704-Meeting Recording

GCAS Employer Presentation

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UK Graduate Labour Market Insights

UK Graduate Labour Market Insights - Career Kickstarter - 2023

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Introducing the Mechanical Engineering programmes

Dr Sina Haeri, Lecturer in the School of Engineering, introduces the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programmes at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about our undergraduate…

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Passport: Introduction, research and methodology

Passport is a market research database which provides key business intelligence on countries, consumers, lifestyles, markets and companies. Ashton Moses (Account Manager) introduces you to Passport,…

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Prepare for the Creative and Cultural Careers Festival Online 2021

This short online session will help you understand how to prepare to get the most out of the week. Online events are different to face to face events in terms of the preparation you are required to…

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C3S L8 Ch3

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Culture Is Bad For You: Inequality in the Cultural and Creative Industries

This talk introduces themes from the book, Culture Is Bad for You: Inequality in the Cultural and Creative Industries. The book analyses the connection between culture and social inequality,…

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations - Week 5

Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 5

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Culture, capital, and social inequality Part 2

Hiring as cultural matching, omnivourous and eclectic taste, and workers experiences

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Part 4: cultural capital, gender and race

A brief concluding discussion of cultural capital, and the impact of race and gender on cultural workers' experiences in their careers

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Part 3- attitudes, values, and unpaid work

Data and discussion of the Panic! survey, along with British Social Attitudes

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Part 2: cultural production and the creative workforce

A discussion of the labour force in cultural occupations

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Data Science, Technology and Innovation - Course overview : Understanding Data Visualisation

A brief overview of the course 'Understanding Data Visualisation ' a course offered on the Data Science, Technology and Innovation programme

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Continuum Industries

Continuum Industries - EIE19

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