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How to check your Microsoft Account Licence

Quick video to show you how to check your microsoft licence. An A3 licence is required for some MS products such as MS Bookings.

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UniDesk Familiarisation Video

A brief guided tour of UniDesk, intended to familiarise new Operators with the interface,

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HCA Learning Technology: Introduction to Media Hopper Replay (2022-23)

Introduction and refresher training for Media Hopper Replay for staff in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.Media Hopper Replay is the on-campus lecture recording system within the…

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September 28th- Reflection & Inquiry. Space for What's Difficult

Mindfulness drop-in recording for September 28th - Reflection & Inquiry. Space for What's Difficult

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CIO update video 13th August 2021

CIO update video 13th August 2021

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Hybrid teaching mock classroom #1 introduction

This provides some context on the hybrid classroom tests done on Holyrood campus. The full videos are found here:…

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B Williams LMS Autumn Algebra School

Brian Williams: Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and their multivariable generalizations

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Language Production Lecture 2 Part 4

Speech errors

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This video introduces some basic technique for making a digital version of drawings made on paper.

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Introduction to New College Library @ 40 George Square

Find out what library services and collections are available at New College Library @ 40 George Square in 2020, and what processes we have in place for safe use of the library.

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The man is working on his own

LEL2A Assignment 23: The man is working on his own (tree construction)

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Editing Wikipedia: Communicating with others using the Talk page and Help Desk

This video demonstrates how to create a Talk page, how to sign your username on a Talk page and where to go to ask for help from the Wikipedia community.

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Edinburgh University Library an introduction

Edinburgh University Library an introduction. Department of Animal Genetics Research Film Unit Edinburgh 1968. Directed by Eric.C.A.Lucey,

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