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Fostering training of research staff through Replicating Open Science Hardware MRI: A Southeast Asian Initiative - Tapas Kumar Mohanty

The Replicating Open Hardware Pulse Oximeter project in India, embodies the principles of open science and open hardware, aiming to address the scarcity of affordable scientific equipment hindering…

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Tail Tech Case Study 2

by Prof Rick D'Eath | for 'The power of data for farm animal practice' course Course website:

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SR course - 5.2g - Combining search strings using AND

SR training

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SR course 5.2f - Use wildcards with caution

SR training

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Course introduction

Mike Jess (Senior Lecturer) and Paul McMillan (Lecturer and Programme Director) introduces this modules on engaging across boundaries. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning…

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Limb-threatening injuries

Open fractures Dysvascular limb Nerve injury Compartment syndrome

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Life threatening injuries

• ATLS and its philosophy• ABCDE management of trauma• Recognition and treatment of life-threatening injuries

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Intro to the musculoskeletal system

Mr Gavin Brown

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Non-Accidental Injury

Non-accidental injury in the paediatric population. Epidemiology Soft-tissue injuries Fractures Susceptible conditions The role of the doctor

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Chicken Layers - Sires

You can access the full suite of videos and other resources from Subtitles Checked - August 2020

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Three Minute Thesis Final 2018

Three Minute Thesis Final 2018

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