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HCI Overview 2021 (INFR11017)

Overview of the content of the Human-Computer Interaction course.

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GHPU: Introduction to Literature Searching (1)

Short video outlining how to approach the literature search process.

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MA Health in Social Science options

MA HiSS options

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Public Interest in Human Health Research

Liminal Spaces was a six-year Wellcome-funded project at Edinburgh Law School, which scrutinised regulatory systems that support human health research. The vision of the project was to deliver the…

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Social Wellbeing trailer

MOOC trailer

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Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data Trailer

Our free short online course Statistics: Unlocking the World of Data introduces some of the key ideas and concepts of statistics, the discipline that allows us to analyse and interpret the data that…

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Building complex searches for systematic reviews (Dissertation Festival)

Systematic reviews usually require detailed, sensitive searches tailored to individual specialist databases. This session introduces techniques to develop new searches by building on prior…

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Research Process (RP) - Week 3: Developing a search strategy and managing search results

This presentation has been developed for the Research Process (RP) course, delivered online for MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Performance Psychology, MSc Physical Activity for Health students…

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Lecture 8 part 2 Kaltura Capture recording - March 6th 2021, 4:50:16 pm

lecture 8 part 2

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Foundations for All Maths Course Introduction

The Maths course introduction for Foundations for All at

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APMCS lecture 6 part 4

Animal mindreading part 4

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Introductory video for Innovation and Entrepreneurship course.

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APMCS lecture 2 p8

Advanced Phil of Mind and Cog SciLecture 2, part 8Conclusions

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APMCS lec 2 p5

Advanced Phil of Mind and Cog SciLecture 2 part 5Poverty of the stimulus argument

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REBM Literature searching - beyond the basics

Guidance on identifying literature to support evidence-based medicine, including point of care tools, library databases, and search techniques.

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