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power and community part 3


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Interview with Tina Fernandez, LLM in Information Technology Law graduate

Tina studied for an LLM in Information Technology by online learning at Edinburgh Law School, graduating in 2019. She also won the best dissertation by an online learning student. In this video she…

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PGCAP Block 2 Class recording 9.30-10.15 Welcome session

PGCAP block 2 class recording 9.30-10.15 Welcome session

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Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

Using Biology to Treat Biology - Dr. Adam Mol

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Music Theory in Critical and Global Context

To set the scene, Nikki Moran (course lead) offers some context for your study of music theory by sharing ideas about how this course fits into the bigger landscape of music study.

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Exploring library resources for dissertations in gender studies

Does your dissertation question research gender and sexuality issues, such as gender inequalities, women’s writing, LGBT history and masculinity? Find out more about how the library can support…

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Research Process (RP) - Week 8: Developing a search strategy and managing search results

This recorded presentation has been developed for the Research Process (RP) course, delivered online for MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Performance Psychology, MSc Physical Activity for Health…

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Controversies in the Data Society 2022

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Course Introduction

Graham and Kitty welcome you to the course and provide an overview of what the course contains and how best to utilise what you learn in your day-to-day life.

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REBM Week 5a)

This is the first in a series of recordings for Week 5 of the Year MBChB coourse Research and Evidence-Based Medicine on the general topic 'Hypothesis tests and related statistics –…

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Week 3 Lecture 1 Part1: Bounded Mobility_migration regimes and the transnational search for opportunities

Week 3 Lecture 1 Part1: Bounded Mobility_migration regimes and the transnational search for opportunities

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Musical Time: Some Concepts

Nikki and Tom explain five key musical concepts: beat/pulse, tempo, metre, bar, grouping.

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GHPU: Introduction to Literature Searching (1)

Short video outlining how to approach the literature search process for students in the Global Health Policy Unit.

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MA Health in Social Science options

MA HiSS options

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Current Issues in Medical Law Ethics - Postgraduate Webinar Series

Hosted by the Mason Institute

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Public Interest in Human Health Research

Liminal Spaces was a six-year Wellcome-funded project at Edinburgh Law School, which scrutinised regulatory systems that support human health research. The vision of the project was to deliver the…

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