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10B MMEH B Revision part 2

10B Revision part 2

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Postgraduate Virtual Open Day - an Introduction to Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies (MSc)

Catch up on a recording of the 'Introduction to our taught programme in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies' given by Professor Andrew J. Newman during Postgraduate Virtual Open Day in…

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Christian-Muslim Relations

Uncover important themes in the history of Christian and Muslim relations and understand the politics that continue to shape it in our Christian-Muslim relations free short online course. Enrol now…

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Let's Talk- Islamaphobia podcast

Let’s Talk podcast, Islamophobia Awareness In this episode, I am joined by staff member Umar Malik and PhD student Estifa’a Zaid, for a special recording made in Islamophobia…

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Divinity - Jews and Muslims: Religions, Cultures, Histories

This course (REST08022) introduces students to two traditions which originated in the same geographical area and which share a range of concepts, but whose historical trajectories differ…

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LLC - IMES Discursive Options 2020

IMES Discursive options on offer 2020-21 / Academic Fair 2020.

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Prof Agustin Fuentes - Why do we believe_

Prof Agustin Fuentes - Why do we believe_

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ETAL | Brona Murphy & Farah Akbar - British Coverts To Islam : Constructing ( new) Identities

Edinburgh TESOL and Applied Language (ETAL) research group Spring seminar series.Dr Bróna Murphy and Dr Farah Akbar (University of Edinburgh) will present on British Converts to Islam:…

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Decision Trees and Real-Valued Data

Decision Trees and Real-Valued Data

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