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Statistics in COVID-19: Katie Allison (COVID Public Health Directorate)

Katie Allison (COVID Public Health Directorate): COVID-19 Infection Survey (CIS) in Scotland. The CfS Research Day gathered together experts in the analysis of Covid-19 data to discuss current…

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dapr1 - hypothesis testing and CIs (d)

Part D

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Data storyboarding: confidence intervals 1

Data storyboarding: confidence intervals By Glenna Nightingale and Jacqueline Aim. Copyright © University of Edinburgh 2020 CC BY-NC-SA This work is licensed under a Creative Commons…

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FDS-S2-02-2-3 Multiple logistic regression and confidence and intervals

We extend logistic regression to multiple independent variables, and show how we can use the boostrap to estimate confidence intervals for coefficients, and to test hypotheses.

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FDS-S2-01-2-8 Interpretation of confidence intervals

We'll consider two aspects of the interpretation of confidence intervals

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FDS-S2-01-2-7 Bootstrap confidence intervals

We introduce the bootstrap method of estimating confidence intervals

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FDS-S2-01-2-6 Estimating the confidence interval of means of large samples

We'll derive confidence intervals for the mean of large samples, when we can assume the sampling distribution of the mean is normal.

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FDS-S2-01-2-4 Principle of confidence intervals

Here we introduce the principle of confidence intervals graphically.

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FDS-S2-01-2-1 Introduction to estimation

We'll introduce the concept of estimating a population or distribution parameter from a sample.

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IDS - Week 10 - 06 - Bootstrapping

Bootstrapping to create a confidence interval for the mean with tidymodels

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Topic 21: Probability Transformation Rule and Its Applications (PETARS, Chapter 4)

This video introduces the probability transformation rule, for finding the probability density function of the mapping of another random variable. A derivation of the transformation rule is…

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Teaching Focus and Outlining Online Teaching

Teacher Continuity Training

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Statistics - Point Estimate and Confidence Intervals

This project was created by the School of Mathematics, University of Edinburgh.

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