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Activism and the Future of HIV in Scotland

The University of Edinburgh’s Staff Pride Network, Disabled Staff Network and BioQuarter LGBT+ Staff Committee invite you to join our panel discussion on the history of HIV/AIDS activism in…

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IDAH Week 1 Lecture 2: International development and humanitarianism: part 3

IDAH Week 1 Lecture 2: International development and humanitarianism: part 3

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10 Sept 22 - A World Suicide Prevention Day Film. Working Together to Prevent Suicide

Step Closer: A World Suicide Prevention Day Film - Working Together to Prevent Suicide World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th light a candle near a window at 8pm to show your support for…

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D4. Risk factors, prevention & treatment strategies

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Int week 7 intro_2021

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Stefan Aulbach EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Stefan Aulbach Talk Title: Exceedance probability estimation – Some experience on bias correction and…

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Research During the Pandemic: Working Across 3 Nations - Managing Multiple Study Sites

Katie Wells, the National Coordinator for the PREVENT Dementia Programme, discusses her role in managing multiple study sites across 3 nations during the Covid-19 pandemic. She describes how the…

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INSPIRE Technical Package Video

From the End Violence Lab

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PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Student name: MAHMOOD, Hana Presentation title: mHealth for Pneumonia (and COVID-19) PreventionAs part of the RESPIRE ASM Showcase on the…

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Finding health information and literature searching for REBM

Introduction to finding literature to support research and evidence based medicine.

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4. Dementia Prevention: a global approach 2020

Dementia is the world’s most pressing healthcare challenge. In our final lecture we explore how large data sets can inform healthcare policy and how powerful statistics, computer modelling and…

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2. How to Detect Neurodegenerative Disease 2020

Intervening earlier in the course of disease will enable us to prevent the onset of dementia. In our second lecture, we discuss how to detect the very earliest signs of changes in the brain, how…

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3. Treatments for Neurodegenerative Disease

Treatments for Neurodegenerative DiseaseIn our third lecture, Prof. Craig Ritchie and Dr Tom Russ discusses prevention and non-pharmacological approaches to the treatment of dementia, as well as…

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1. What is Neurodegenerative Disease? (part 1)

What is Neurodegenerative Disease? Part 1In our first lecture, Prof. Craig Ritchie will provide an introduction to the Dementia Prevention Open Lecture Series, discusses how, when and where dementia…

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Global Challenges online masters: Maxmiller Gitamo - student testimonial

Online student Maxmiller from Kenya reflects on how studying a masters online has helped her look at data more critically. Join our online community:…

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Global Health and Infectious Diseases online masters: Jude Ssensamba, graduate testimonial

Jude, a graduate from MSc in Global Health and Infectious Diseases, talks about how studying online has given him a global perspective on the world's health challenges, and has enabled him to…

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