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learnBayes: Bayesian linear models for LEL (2023) Part Ia

An introduction to Bayesian linear models in R for Linguistics and English Language. For info and materials, see

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DDC Session 10 Recording

Recording from session 10 (summary) of data-driven chemistry 2021-22.

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Example of a pre-recorded video

A short video to show how an online screencast or video may look.

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Annotated bibliographies, literature reviews and the Library

This session, delivered as part of Dissertation Festival 25-29 Oct 21, looks at annotated bibliographies and literature reviews as a first step in dissertation writing in literary studies. Annotated…

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How to use Listeria (Part 3)

How to use Listeria, part 3 of 5.

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Spatial Extremes: Thomas Opitz

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Thomas OpitzTalk Title: Stochastic Geometry of Gaussian Mixture Processes and Spatial…

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Introduction to EndNote 20 (June 2021)

A general introduction to the product, where to get plug-ins, making a group, adding files, research notes and editing a reference.

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Wecome to week 7

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Topic 67: Brief Introduction to Markov Processes (PETARS, Chapter 8)

This video gives a very brief introduction to the powerful Markov model for random processes. It considers in detail the first-order Markov process, deriving the joint-probability density…

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IDS - Week 08 - 01 - Keeping up with IDS

Keeping up with IDS - Week 08

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Dissertation festival: What is a Systematic Review dissertation like?

This session covered: What a systematic review (SR) is Pros and cons of doing a SR for your dissertation Summary of common questions or problems encountered in SR dissertations, and answers or…

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Pharmacology 3: Introduction - Dr Phil Larkman

Introduction and overview of material to be delivered.

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CL - Lecture 3j - Aristotle's Syllogisms

We describe the traditional presentation of the syllogisms, and introduce Aristotle's existential assumption, on the basis of which he derives nine more syllogisms. These are not sound in our…

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IDS - Week 03 - 02 - Tidy data

What makes data tidy and why do we care?

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Part 2: Writing critically

Part 2: Writing critically

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Week 1 Summary

Applied research skills in environment and society week 1 summary.

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