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learnBayes: Bayesian linear models for LEL (2023) Part Ib

An introduction to Bayesian linear models in R for Linguistics and English Language. For info and materials, see

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Trompe Dauphine

Fergus Kerr plays Marc-Antoine Marquis de Dampierre, La Dauphine; Marc-Antoine Marquis de Dampierr, La Choisy; and Eugène Bozza, Excerpt from En Forêt.

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Kaltura Capture recording - October 7th 2020, 8:01:50 am

Lecture recording on collecting verbal mediated data for discursive psychology

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6: Anselm - Premise 3

Anselm - Premise 3

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Reconstructing ENSO from fossil corals

Reconstructing ENSO from fossil corals

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Microsoft Teams for Workshop Groups

A short tutorial for using Teams for workshops

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Downloading Recorded Collaborate Session

A very brief tutorial on downloading Collaborate recordings

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R Conversations: Intro to R Studio 1

R Conversations are a series of videos in an attempt to teach R at a distance to our online MSc students. In this video, and in the second part, I demonstrate the basics of R Studio

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