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Interpreting p-values (Part I)

Guest lecture on interpreting p-values by Elizabeth Pankratz. Slides can be found here: (Week 11: Obtaining p-values)

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LEL Bayesian Linear Models 2023 Sem 1

This is the recording of the LEL Bayesian Linear Models workshop held in ay 2023/24 Sem 1.

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How to... Go abroad during your degree (UG/PGT/PGR)

​​This 'How to...' video provides a bitesize introduction on your options to Study and Work Away during your time at the University of Edinburgh. We'll go over the things you can look…

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How to... Book a 1-to-1 online academic writing tutorial with the Graduate Writing Centre (PGT/PGR)

​​This video will provide details on how to book and prepare for an online 1-1 writing tutorial with a tutor from English Language Education (ELE). Students will be able to gain feedback and advice…

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How to... Communicate successfully in your academic studies (UG)

​​This quick video will tell you about how to develop your academic communication skills through a free and fully online English for Academic Purposes course. The course has been developed by English…

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Maisy Hallam - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

Maisy Hallam - Three Minute Thesis Competition Finalist 2023

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AULC Keynote Alison Phipps - Dr Joy Northcott Memorial Lecture - Decolonising Hospitality through Languages: Pain, Joy, Gist

Alison Phipps holds the UNESCO Chair in Refugee Integration through Languages and the Arts at the University of Glasgow where she is also Professor of Languages and Intercultural…

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You belong - find your community

We share our experiences with facing microaggression and how scholars navigate through processing it by going through three phases of “shock-denial; lingering thoughts; and lastly…

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MCF Podcasts: Language and Communication are part of your identity

We shared how language and communication in new environments brought in the notion of self-awareness as scholars shared their challenges in communicating with people from different backgrounds. We…

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Chris Smith

Head of English Language Pre-Sessional talks about what the course offers to students, and to teachers.

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Natalie Murray

Teaching fellow talks about the experience of applying and working for pre-sessional English Language Education, and moving on to an open-ended role.

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Hannah Jones

Director of English Language Education talks about the Centre for Open Learning and the larger University of Edinburgh.

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Hannah Rayment-Jones' presentation

Project20: interpreter services for pregnant women with social risk factors in England: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how?

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Luciana Carvalho Fonseca's presentation

Informed consent in maternal healthcare and the coloniality of language

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Emma Brooks' presentation

‘Interpreter required?’: negotiating consent in a linguistically diverse space

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Critical Thinking Retreat Introduction

Critical Thinking Retreat Introduction

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