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Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus: Audio Only

Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus Audio Only Published: Part of the Themes in Contemporary Art course, MA Contemporary Art Theory,…

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Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus: Audio & Slides View

Engaging Art Worlds / Art Magazines in Focus Audio & Slides View Published: Part of the Themes in Contemporary Art course, MA Contemporary…

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Rights retention in action (impact of the UOE Research Publications Policy after 12 months) - Theo Andrew

Join Theo Andrew as he gives an update on the impact of the University of Edinburgh's "Right Retention Policy" after 12 months. You can find out more about the University's Rights…

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SR course 5.3g - Search strategy summary

SR course

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2023_01_24_Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier_recording_1

Literature Search Session with Marshall Dozier First half of the session

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Digital Skills Festival: Managing your references with EndNote

Are you manually entering citations and a bibliography into your manuscripts? This demonstration of using EndNote 20 shows you how to save time and avoid mistakes by collecting, managing, and…

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Open Research, Research Culture and Research Integrity - Malcolm McLeod

How Research Integrity, Research Culture, and Open Research overlap and interact

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Open Access, Data Management and Emerging Challenges to International Research - Gavin McLachlan

The University of Edinburgh’s current position regarding Open Access and Data management – including the introduction of our new policies. As well as the University’s general…

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Prof Christina Boswell interview for Open Research newsletter

Pauline Ward interviews Professor Christina Boswell, recently appointed to be the new Vice-Principal Research and Enterprise, for the university's Open Research Newsletter (recorded 7 March…

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Enhancing your workflow with the new Web of Science platform - Digital Skills Festival 2022

This session, presented by Klementyna Karlinska-Batres from Clarivate, covers some of the new features that have been introduced to the Web of Science interface in the last year. She looks at how…

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Tips for Searching for Government and Policy Research

This video will offer some tips to help search for government and policy research. You will be familiar with searching for academic sources, such as books and journal article. However, government and…

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Web of Science - Trusted Discovery - Digital Skills Festival Webinar

Recording from the "Web of Science - Trusted Discovery" session on Monday 24th May 2021 at the Digital Skills Festival. The session was presented by Lisa Muren, Solution Consultant at…

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Reporting & Publishing - Dave Saunders

The tail end of the systematic review process is sometimes forgotten but it is still part of the process and needs to be planned for and carried out systematically. This session will cover reporting,…

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Building complex searches for systematic reviews

Presentation date: 1 November 2023 Systematic reviews usually require detailed, sensitive searches tailored to individual specialist databases. This session introduces techniques to develop new…

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Managing the literature in systematic reviews (Dissertation Festival)

Updated presentation on 2 Nov 2022 This session provides an introduction to underlying processes and techniques for finding and handling publications as part of the systematic review process. …

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