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Grammaticalization I - introduction

Grammaticalization I - introduction - Historical Linguistics

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Kaltura Capture recording - December 9th 2020, 2:02:28 pm

Introduction to Exercise Prescription for Rehabilitation Part 2

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Advanced Media Production: Learning Glass

The Supported Media Production Studios can be used for a range of advanced filming needs including interviews, scripted piece-to-camera videos or using interactive equipment available in the studio…

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For Markers: The 5 Steps For Double-Blind Marking Workflow In ATLAS

This video covers the 5 steps involved in the double-blind marking workflow in ATLAS for markers.

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For Markers: Accessing Turnitin Reports As Part Of Double-Blind Marking in ATLAS

(PebblePad/ATLAS)A step-by-step guide to accessing Turnitin reports via ATLAS - for markers involved in the double-blind dissertation marking work

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For Markers: Pre-reconciliation Marking In ATLAS

(PebblePad/ATLAS system) A step-by-step guide for markers involved in the 1st stage of double-blind marking known as the pre-reconciliation stage

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How to use a Catch Box Throwable Microphone in Teaching Rooms

This video will show you how to us a Catch Box Throwable Microphone in Teaching Rooms. If you have any questions or would like a familiarisation session please contact Learning Spaces Technology on…

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