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The genus filtration on the surface modular operad - Jan Steinebrunner

Classifying spaces in homotopy theory: in honour of Ran Levi's 60th BirthdayJan Steinebrunner, University of Copenhagen

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3-step Breathing Space: Responsive

This is a short guided mindfulness practice.

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Lecture 3_LinearModulation_Part_2

Introduction to communication systems_Analogue Modulation_part2

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Lecture 3_LinearModulation_Part_1

Introduction to communication systems_Analogue Modulation_part1

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Euan MacDonald Centre - Our research in 2020

A round-up of our motor neurone disease (MND) research in 2020

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Lecture 6 Part 2: Damped oscillators

We extend the ideas from the first part of the lecture to oscillators which include damping effects. Writing the governing equation in a standard form and looking at the meaning of the damping…

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how to create a meeting in Microsoft teams

quick and easy - how to set up a meeting in Microsoft teams

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Representing Handwritten Digits

Representing Handwritten Digits

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