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Inaugural Lecture of Prof Pankaj Pankaj, Chair of Computational Biomechanics

The principle of parsimony in computational biomechanics Computational modelling is being extensively employed to assess the biomechanical properties and response of bone and bone-implant systems.…

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Explaining Overprint

Andy Lamont explains Overprint and how you manage ink.

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Jane Atkins plays Georg Philip Telemann, Fantasie No.1, Largo and Allegro.

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Intaglio Printing at ECA (an introduction)

This is a short film introducing the Intaglio printing facilities available at Edinburgh College of Art. The Intaglio Studio is located in room B22 off the Printmaking corridor at Edinburgh College…

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Gameli Tordzro plays the kora, a 21-stringed instrument that has roots in 16th century West African folklore. Music: Medley by Gameli Tordzro and Azorli Blewu.

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PGT - Practice Worth Sharing (PWS) - Effectively Managing Demands from School, Work, and Life (CC)

Topic: Effectively Managing Demands from School, Work, and LifeSpeaker: Justina Or, MSc Social Justice and Community ActionDiscussion: Many of us must manage the demands from school, work, and life…

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RCMM Wave scattering and Solid Mechanics - Richard Porter (Bristol, UK)

This talk has subtitles/captions. You can remove the subtitles by pressing CC on the bottom toolbar. 09/03/2021 Richard Porter (Bristol, UK) Plate arrays as water wave metamaterials

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How to use a Total Station

Dr Catriona Pickard demonstrates how archaeologists use total stations

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Distillation Lecture 1 2020 part 5

Distillation Lecture 1 2020 part 5

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Distillation Lecture 1 2020 part 4

Distillation Lecture 1 2020 part 4

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BMS2 Chemical Synaptic Transmission 2 Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Ion permeability of the nACh receptor

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BMS2: Chemical Synaptic Transmission 1 Part 2 Dr Phil Larkman

Structure and function of the NMJ

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Bonnie Prince Charlie & the Jacobites - Holyrood Altar Plate

Objects of Worship: The Holyrood Altar Plate What is it? This group of ecclesiastical objects once formed part of James VII and II’s ‘make-over’ of an historic…

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Introduction to Earth Sciences [live]

A presentation for potential university applicants explaining what Earth Science is and giving some examples of how physical sciences are used to study the Earth. Examples include Plate tectonics and…

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