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Dr. Nikolaos Dionelis - UDRC Research Video 2023

Nikolaos is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Machine Learning at the University of Edinburgh in the Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Digital Communications Research…

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SR course 6b - Screening is a two-stage process

SR course

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SR course 6a - Applying screening criteria

SR course

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SR course 4.3 - Is this systematic review well conducted?

SR course

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Collaborative learning of new information in older age: a systematic review - Kelly Wolfe

Introduction. Aging is accompanied by a multitude of changes in cognitive abilities such as processing speed and memory, which in turn affect learning. Learning collaboratively may benefit older…

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DENS - Screening Log

Training video for DENS Trial database

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Int week 7 intro_2021

Dr Rupsha Fraser

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Library Bitesize: EndNote for Systematic Reviews

Recording version date: 1 May 2024 This short webinar covers functions in EndNote (desktop version) that can help you manage your search results and save time with key stages of the…

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Covidence for systematic reviews - top tips (Dissertation Festival)

Presenters: Thulani Ashcroft and Kayla Ostrishko See Attachments for a copy of the presentation slides Covidence is a web-based application designed to support teams conducting systematic …

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Research in the Pandemic - Doing the best we can; Clinical research staff's activity to date in the Covid 19 pandemic

Miranda Odam and Steve McSwiggan discuss the work of clinical research staff during the COVID 19 pandemic. Looking at the work done with the initial Covid Research Group as an example of forward and…

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The Great Crane Project

Hokkaido Conference

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Introduction to Clinical Text

Introduction to Clinical Text

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Meet The Translators

A panel talks about there experiences of being translators.

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