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A short tutorial for use in the Digital Education programme

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Gather.Town Walkthrough

A Gather.Town demonstration for the Edinburgh Model course

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How to test your systematic review searches for quality and relevance (Dissertation Festival)

This session covers techniques and tools to test and refine literature database searches for systematic reviews: - Use of known and eligible publications to test for recall - Sampling intermediate…

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Building complex searches for systematic reviews (Dissertation Festival)

Systematic reviews usually require detailed, sensitive searches tailored to individual specialist databases. This session introduces techniques to develop new searches by building on prior…

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UNCOVER Workshop: How to interpret and apply the PRESS checklist for peer review of database searches (UNCOVER Workshop)

The PRESS checklist is designed to facilitate peer review of comprehensive database searches for systematic reviews. This workshop covered how to interpret and apply checklist items, and offered some…

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Hear from our students: MSc Environment, Culture and Society

Andrew shares his experiences studying the MSc Environment, Culture and Society

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Lecture 2 Part 5

Lecture 2 Part 5: Pedestrian Behaviour

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Intuition for the Nearest-Neighbor Method

Intuition for the Nearest-Neighbor Method

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