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[IRR 2022] Introduction (Part 1): Overview of the IRR Course

This is an overview of the Informatics Research Review course in the School of Informatics

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Welcome to the Course

The course team provides an overview of the course and what to expect. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and include the relevant licence…

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Student Life in the School of Physics and Astronomy: Q&A session

Watch this session to find out the answers to most frequently asked questions that our current students receive.

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Q&A with an MSc student

Watch this session to find out the answers to most frequently asked questions

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Chit Chat session with Neil Drao, online MSc History Student

Interview with Neil Drao, online MSc History student from China, about his experience studying online while living in Canberra, Australia.

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Futures Lecture - Dispelling the Digital Enchantment

Futures Lecture - Dispelling the Digital EnchantmentProfessor Karen Yeung, University of Birmingham is the latest speaker in our Futures Lecture Series.About this eventAbstractIn this lecture, I…

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engage - Student engagement and becoming a critical thinker 05-05-22

Presented by Dr Sarah Ivory, Business School

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Jack Carr Inaugural Lecture: Ngô Bảo Châu on the functional equation of automorphic L-functions

ICMS and the Jack Carr Fund are delighted to present the Inaugural Jack Carr lecture, given by the 2010 Fields Medallist Professor Ngô Bảo Châu. The lecture, which we hope to make an…

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The LEAPS Student view: teaching and learning at university (subtitled)

LEAPS staff member Jenny asks our volunteer Olivia about teaching and learning at university, and how this is different from school.

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engage - Enhancing student participation in taught courses through active learning and reflective practices

Presented by Rachel Howell, Lecturer in Sociology / Sustainable Development, School of Social and Political Science & Ana Díaz Vidal, Undergraduate Student, School of Social and Political…

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A Week in the Life of an Informatics Student - Sraddheya

Computer Science student, Sraddheya, tells us about a typical week in semester 1 of 1st year in the School of Informatics.

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Christopher Hollings - Tuesday 25 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopDiversifying Mathematics in Oxford Christopher…

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Introduction to the GI tract biliary tract 2

A lecture for MBChB

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Introduction to Separation Processes 5 Distillation Lectures

Introduction to the Course, including the layout of the Learn page and the content of the advanced distillation section.

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Kaltura Capture recording - January 12th 2022, 1:19:41 pm

Lecture 1 part 1

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Gifford Lecture 6: Only Connect

We started this lecture series with two bookended revolutions, print in the sixteenth century, and the internet and social media in the late twentieth century. How then is Christianity changing in…

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