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Introduction to Web of Science (Library Bitesize)

Recorded: 09 Nov 2023. Slides available in Attachments Presenter: Fiona Brown This short webinar introduces using the Web of Science to find peer-reviewed academic literature for assignments and…

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Library Bitesize: Starting to Use Ebooks

This session is for all students to assist them in understanding and using ebooks. By the end of the video, you should be able to: - Understand what an ebook is and what it would be used…

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Managing Your References Using Zotero

Zotero is a popular free open-source reference management tool that can help you stay in control of your references and create citations automatically.This video will guide you through adding…

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Cited Reference Searching (Library Bitesize)

Cited reference searching helps you find articles that have cited a key article (or articles) you already know about. This is a good way of following research forward and can also be useful in…

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Patents literature - introduction to finding and accessing patents literature

An introductory talk to finding and accessing patents literature, this provides a brief overview of patents, search tools for finding patents and prior art as well as pointing to further sources of…

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Finding historical documents online (Library Bitesize)

Visiting physical archives, libraries or museums may not always be possible or practical so this Dissertation Festival session looks at options available to access historical documents or primary…

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Library Bitesize: Citation metrics - what do numbers tell you about a piece of research?

Presented on 8th June 2021 as part of the Library Bitesize programme, the session provides a brief introduction to where to find citation metrics, how numbers about re-use of publications can help…

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Library Bitesize: Using Law Databases

This session introduces where to find key legal databases and highlights three of the most popular that students may come across. By the end of this session, you should be able to: - Select the…

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Library Bitesize: Check Your Source (Digital Skills Festival - May 2021)

This Library Bitesize presentation provides a short introduction to finding and evaluating academic or scholarly sources of information for study and research purposes. Presented by Ishbel Leggat…

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Library Bitesize: Introduction to Web Archives

Presenter: Sara Day Thomson, Digital Archivist, Centre for Research Collections What happens to information on the web when webpages are updated or taken offline? This session presents the…

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Library Bitesize: Finding China Related Resources

This session outlines possible places to find China related resources. It also gives search tips and advice on where to find help and information.

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Library Bitesize: EndNote for Systematic Reviews

Recording version date: 1 May 2024 This short webinar covers functions in EndNote (desktop version) that can help you manage your search results and save time with key stages of the…

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Library Bitesize: Patents Literature - an introduction to finding patents literature

Library Bitesize talk on finding and accessing patents literature, covering some of the various search tools available for finding patents, patent applications and prior art.

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Library Bitesize - How to reference and avoid plagiarism - March 2021

Presented on 23rd March 2021 as part of the Library Bitesize programme, the session provides an overview and sources of help on plagiarism and referencing. The aims of the session…

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Library Bitesize: Standards literature - an introduction to finding and accessing standards documents

Library Bitesize talk, providing an introduction to finding and accessing standards documents.

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Library Bitesize : Finding Theses

Learn about · How to find out about theses and dissertations written on your topic · How to view theses online, and in print

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