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Inaugural Lecture of Nehal Bhuta

Edinburgh Law School presents: The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Nehal BhutaRecovering Social RightsAbout the lectureDespite a flourishing in the constitutionalization and adjudication of social…

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Combining Open and Financial Data for Targeted Policy Solutions - Mike Spencer

Join Mike Spencer from Smart Data Foundry as he introduces a case study of open data in action.

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Mason Institute Investigates Episode 8: Clinician-Led Evidence-Based Activism

Welcome back for another episode of Mason Institute Investigates. In this episode Dr Piyush Pushkar and Dr Louise Tomkow from the University of Manchester talk about their research on clinician-led…

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IRR Lecture 5: Writing a Good Research Review

This lecture explains the ways to justify an answer and how to build a scientific argument. This also includes critical questions and tips for writing a successful literature review.

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Decolonizing Knowledge Production through Linked Open Data

Abstract A hallmark of the North American colonial process was the production and dissemination of knowledge about Indigenous peoples through the journals and records of colonizers. The violent, and…

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Justin Rice interview 4

4th part of interview with Justin Rice on philosophy and cryptocurrency

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Reformation 175 - Panel 1 - Bible-Believing Biblical Scholarship [Video]

Discussion panel on Bible-Believing Biblical Scholarship. Chair: Dr. Sara Parvis. Panellists: Dr. Marilyn Burton, Dr. Simon J. G. Burton, Dr. Matt Novenson and Dr. Andrew Leslie.

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The Federal Case for Judicial Review - Professor Erin Delaney

The Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law presents The Federal Case for Judicial Review Speaker: Professor Erin Delaney, Professor of Law at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law…

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What does Jerusalem have to do with the Internet? #YaleEdin2021 Keynote

Dr Alexander Chow delivers the keynote lecture to begin the proceedings of the Yale-Edinburgh 2021 conference. The paper is entitled “What does Jerusalem have to do with the Internet? World…

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Advanced Therapies Regulation in Argentina

Presentation from the MI Lunch on 9 October 2018 at the Sydney Smith Lecture Theatre – 2nd Floor, Doorway 1, Teviot Medical School, the University of Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Visiting Fellows - Questions of Consent and Property in Posthumous Paternity Cases

The Edinburgh Law School has a robust Visiting Scholars programme, which brings leading legal, socio-legal and criminological scholars from around the world to participate in the research activities…

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Research Ethics Committees as Regulators

Liminal Spaces was a six-year Wellcome-funded project at Edinburgh Law School, which scrutinised regulatory systems that support human health research. The vision of the project was to deliver the…

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8B Iranian Revolution part 2

8B Iranian Revolution part 2

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7B The 'Peace Process' part 1

7B Peace Process pt 1

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Sharing ownership and responsibilities for adopting SuDS - differences in Scotland and England

Sharing ownership and responsibilities for adopting SuDS - differences in Scotland and England 31 August 2020 Filmed by Neil Stuart. Edited by Eduardo Serafin. Kate Heal, Professor of Catchment…

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History of Western Medicine STIS08009

History of Western Medicine is a free-standing, 20-credit, level 1 half course run by the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies subject group of the School of Social and Political Sciences. It…

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