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Lecture 1 part 1A Kaltura Capture recording - January 13th 2022, 10:58:40 am

Lecture 1 part 1A

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FDS-S2-01-1-4 Issues in hypothesis testing

We consider 3 issues in hypothesis testing: Type I and Type II errors; cherry-picking, p-value hacking etc., and a short discussion about the possibility that hypothesis-driven research can hinder…

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10.3c A Japanese Handscroll of the Virgin Mary.mp4

In this video we go to Japan and consider a very rare 16th-century image of the Virgin Mary on a handscroll. At the end, Jill considers how we juxtapose images affects the narratives we tell. Whose…

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10.3b Mexican Featherwork

In this video, we consider Mexican featherwork of religious subjects and its role in creating wonder in Europe, and converting indigenous peoples.

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10.2b African Presence in Renaissance Europe

This video considers black Africans in Renaissance Europe, particularly Italy.

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10.2a Worlds of Wonder: Renaissance European Ethnographies

This lecture considers how Europeans understood the peoples of the new world, India and sub-Saharan Africa, showing how they lumped together these peoples in a rather imprecise way, and were curious…

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10.1b Renaissance Women, Nature and Nurture

What features characterised femininity in the Renaissance? This video considers the relationship between gender and sex, considers Judith Butler's ideas about 'performing' gender, and…

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10.1a The Woman Question

This video introduces Renaissance Feminism, including major scholars and major female painters, sculptors and architects who worked between 1520 and 1650.

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School of Chemistry Exam Submission System Instructions

Please watch this video in advance of the examination period and practice using the link provided in Learn

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9.3c Naked Women and Potent Men

So what about the female nudes that populate art galleries nowadays? How were they justified within this Christian context? This lecture considers how female nudes provided an opportunity for male…

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9.3b The Male Nude and the 'Perfect Body'

Renaissance people were puzzled about why the nude body was so popular in classical times, but they worked out their own justifications for depicting naked men - the male body was made in 'the…

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9.3a How to See People Naked in Renaissance Italy

We start by climbing up the scaffolding of the SIstine Chapel in July 1512 with Federico Gonzaga, to have a look at all the naked bodies that Michelangelo painted on the vault of the Pope's…

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HCA - Archaeology 1A and 1B option courses 2020

Listen to Head of Archaeology Dr Manuel Fernández-Götz as he introduces you to the Archaeology options courses available in 2020. Archaeology 1A (ARCA08004) - Semester 1 - for more…

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HCA - Classics option courses 2020

Listen to Head of Classics Dr Lucy Grig as she introduces you to the Classics options courses available in 2020. Greek World 1a - semester 1 - contact Dr David Lewis for more information -…

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LLC - German Beginners' and Post-Beginners' Courses: Foundation German 1 & 2 and German 1A

Overview of courses available for absolute beginners and post-beginners in German. If you haven't completed the equivalent of Higher German or A Level German, then these are the German language…

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