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Trash to Treasure with Dr Stephen Wallace

Fossil fuels are used everywhere, in our clothing, our medicine, and even our cooking. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use another source to synthesise these necessary molecules. Maybe…

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Looking Back on COP26: Sustainable Biotechnology with Professor Louise Horsfall

In this episode of our COP26 series, Chris (@donohohoho) talks to Prof. Louise Horsfall (@lehorsfall), Chair of Sustainable Biotechnology at the University of Edinburgh, about her experience…

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Episode 1 - Climate optimism or fatalism: Teaching climate change in today's university

This podcast complements the University’s Teaching Matters blog, and invites students and staff to engage in topical conversations. The first three episodes accompany the Teaching Matters…

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Professor Geoff Simm: Inaugural lecture: Thought for Food - Food for Thought?

Inaugural lecture by Professor Geoff Simm, Professor of Global Agriculture and Food SecurityRecorded 3/12/2018 at the Roslin Auditorium. Abstract:Feeding the world's growing population well -…

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Professor Ami B M Tsui

Transforming student learning: the journey of a university-wide curriculum reform Prof. Ami B M Tsui The University of Hong Kong Learning & Teaching Conference 2018

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Norms podcast

This podcast gives a basic explanation of descriptive and injunctive norms

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How recycling works at The University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh diverts about 85% of its waste from landfill. Of the goods that are recycled, avoiding contamination is crucial to maintaining the quality of the recycling stream. …

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