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10.2 Smart Mobs and Popular Revolutions

Internet and Society 2020

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Can Charging for Plastic Bags Control Plastic Pollution

Hokkaido Conference

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Student name: PAUL, Biswajit Presentation title: Improving health behaviour in patients with chronic respiratory disease using theory of planned behaviour-based educational intervention:…

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Tuberculosis in Wildlife of Nepal

Hokkaido Conference

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IDS - Week 06 - 05 - AE: IMDB + Web scraping

Walkthrough of application exercise: IMDB + Web scraping

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WEEK 3 Session 5 YouTube

Session 5

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Let's Talk Episode 14

Holly McConnell is a 2nd year PE undergraduate, who began university at the age of 16, and in lockdown is combining university work with supporting her parents, who are both profoundly deaf. Holly…

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EFP 29: Film in the Time of Lockdown

Kat Zabecka talks to MSc Film Studies student, Elisa Teneggi. Join us for a discussion about Bruno Dumont, Unorthodox, Normal People, Dark, Bad People, The Lunchbox, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, The…

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Photovoice - The alcohol recovery journey

Photovoice is an innovative method of engaging with marginalised groups. Participants use cameras to document their lives, using the power of their images with accompanying stories. These…

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Contextual Inquiry Example

Example of a PhD student doing a contextual inquiry in the HCI Instructor's office. The topic of the inquiry is data management. A contextual inquiry was selected because it is not always…

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Mama quiero ser famoso.m4v

Hispanic Studies Play 2015

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