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The LEAPS student view: support at university (subtitled)

LEAPS Volunteer Ellis shares their experience of accessing support at university

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Diabetes Mellitus - Pathogenesis & Metabolic Abnormalities 1c 2022

MBChB year 2, Nutrition & Digestion

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ECA Store Intro

A brief intro to how things are running in the ECA Store. Technicians: Joan Quast - Store Supervisor [email protected] Erin Colquhoun - Store Assistant [email protected] Store e-mail:…

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Higgs Hour with Anton Ilderton 'Strong field QED: probing fundamental physics with intense lasers'

I will give an overview of efforts to probe non-perturbative structures in QED using intense laser fields, beginning with an introduction to the Furry expansion of observables in strong…

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DDC Session 6 Recording

Recording of Session 6 of data-driven chemistry 2021-22

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Developing Your Data Skills Programme 2021-2022 - Orientation Session

Collaborate Ultra webinar recording of an orientation session designed to introduce participants to the Developing Your Data Skills Programme in Learn. and…

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EP1 - Week 2 Brief - 2021-22 - Part2 - Slides

EP1 - Week 2 Brief - 2021-22 - Part2 - Slides

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EP1 - Welcome and Course Structure Part 2 - 2021-22

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Lecture 3 framing theme 1

Part 1 of third lecture for Introduction to Cognitive Science 2021-22 Mark Sprevak framing Nativism & Empiricism theme

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Edinburgh Castle hosts graduation celebrations 2021

Recent University of Edinburgh graduates are celebrating their achievements at a special event at Edinburgh Castle.

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(PGR Only) How-to get into good writing habits

The Institute for Academic Development team share advice and resources for getting into good writing habits as a research student. 1. Understand the importance of establishing regular writing habits…

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Climate Extremes: Colin Raymond

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar.Name: Colin RaymondTalk Title: Sharpening our view of extreme heatAbstract: Increasing extreme…

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Natural Hazards and Impacts: Hayley Fowler

This talk has been automatically captioned. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Hayley FowlerTalk Title: Using Spatial Extreme Statistics to Provide Climate Uplifts for…

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Slowing Down Traffic in Edinburgh and Belfast - Part 2

The 20 mph project, funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Wellcome Trust, is part of the largest and most comprehensive study to date into the effects of 20mph speed…

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WindFuel Blyth Floating Offshore Wind Farm (IDCORE)

Presentation of a proposed floating offshore wind demonstration array off the coast of Blyth, UK as part of the 2021 IDCORE group design project by team WindFuel.

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