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CIO update video, 16th Apr 2021

CIO update video, 16th Apr 2021

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Part 4 ( of 4) on Weather Extremes -- this part is on the heatwaves in Western Europe in June & July 2019

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Kaltura Capture recording - November 5th 2020, 9:55:11 pm

lecture 8 part 1

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Divinity - History of Christianity as a World Religion 1A and 1B

These two paired courses – one each semester – together provide students with a comprehensive view of the global Christian movement in time and space. Part A (ECHS08004) covers the period…

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Data Explorers - Asking Questions about Corona Virus Data

Data Education for School's Kate Farrell considers how we can support young people to understand corona virus data.

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Professor Lindsay Paterson | Scottish Education Policy : why statistics matter

Professor Lindsay Paterson is from the School of Social and Political Science | University Of Edinburgh - He presents research data on large scale historical and contemporary statistical surveys of…

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Dr Trevor Griffiths - History of Cinema - Research in a Nutshell

Dr Trevor Griffiths on his research into the history of cinema.

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