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Algebraic Geometry - history, challenges and applications

What do algebra and geometry have to do with cryptography and how we can keep our information safe? Join us at this public talk to find out! This talk was part of the Birational Geometry and…

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TMc - AD with Commentary (2)

A brief example of listening practice for new students to the Pg Cert in Counselling Studies.

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Chloe Martindale - Isogeny-based cryptography: why, how, and what next?

Subtitles will be added at a later date. 28 July 2022 Foundations and Applications of Lattice-based Cryptography Chloe Martindale, University of Bristol Isogeny-based cryptography: why, how, and…

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Expander graphs, modular forms and cryptography, Luca De Feo

This public lecture was part of the Foundations and Applications of Lattice-based Cryptography workshop at ICMS. We were delighted to welcome speaker Luca De Feo to give this talk. Alice and the…

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Edmund Robertson - Tuesday 25 January

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2022ICMS hosted the "Mathematics: Inclusive or Exclusive? Putting colour, culture and context into the curriculum" workshopMacTutor - My Personal Journey Edmund Robertson…

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Why I am editing Wikipedia by Dr. Jess Wade at Women in STEM Connect

Talk by Dr. Jess Wade at the University of Edinburgh's Women in STEM Connect edit-a-thon on Sunday 16th August 2020.

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Closing the Gender Gap | Wikimedia UK

Wikimedia UK is the national chapter for the global Wikimedia movement which supports Wikipedia and its sister sites. This video showcases the work of Wikimedia UK and the community of Wikimedians in…

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EEM-APM-5.3 - Methodological Issues in Philosophy of Science 2

Dr Wolfgang Schwarz Advanced Philosophical Methodology Online MSc in Epistemology, Ethics and Mind

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Alice White - Wikimedian in Residence at the Wellcome Library | Wikimedia UK

This video is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. For full licensing details and more…

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