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Epi course 1.3 - History - Experimental

epi course

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Disorders of calcium lecture part 2

A lecture for MBChB

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Disorders of calcium lecture part 1

MBChB year 2 Renal module Jan 2022

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Metabolic bone disease

Disorders of bone remodelling Disorders of bone mineralisation See attachments for downloadable version with transcript

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IDS - Week 05 - 06 - Doing data science

Structuring data science questions and projects

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Calcium Disorders

MBChB4 Endocrinology and Diabetes module narrated presentation on Calcium Disorders

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Fundamentals of clinical research

Fundamentals of clinical researchMCLM11079

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Vitamin D: hope or hype?

Speakers Richard Mellanby, and Iris Mair, MRC Centre for Inflammation ResearchInterest in vitamin D has rapidly grown in recent years with numerous studies linking a lack of vitamin D to the…

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Should you lie in the sun?

A brief recap of the various arguments for and against sun exposure in relation to human health.

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