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The Solar Wind

Introduction to Geophysics: The Solar Wind

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Research Insights | Covid-19: Lighting up the Dark

Dr Richard Weller shares his research on how sunlight affects our health, and can even influence how a person’s body responds to Covid-19.

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USMR lecture 5 part 3

core stats concepts; reporting stats in RMarkdown

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CANTO 51 This event showcases the Fifth Decad of Cantos (42-51) that Ezra Pound composed in 1934-36. While continuing on his epic journey, Pound started this section with new focus and new ideas.…

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Dr Niki Vermeulen, Dr Bill Jenkins and team - Curious Edinburgh

Dr Niki Vermeulen, Dr Bill Jenkins and team - Curious Edinburgh

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Introduction to Geomagnetism Lecture 3 (Lecture 19 of Introduction to Geophysics)

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AstroTech - Telescopes - The sun: Is every star like it?

This project was created by the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Edinburgh.

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