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Lecture 4 part 1 Kaltura Capture recording - February 5th 2021, 9:17:21 pm

Lecture 4 part 1

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Phil Methods 1 - Week 10 - Part 4

Eidetic and Empirical Psychology

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PoS 1 Week 9 Lecture 2 Part 2


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What is science ARS Lecture 1 edited

I introduce the concept of science, philosophies of science and why they are important.

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Katherine Maher, Wikimedia Foundation 'In Praise of Open'

Katherine Maher, executive director for the Wikimedia Foundation, gave the opening keynote at the ICA SBA 17 in Stockholm. She spoke about the need for transparency in a fact resistant world, and…

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Wikipedia: #FactsMatter

The fact that information spreads quickly means that truth can spread quickly, and lies can spread quickly. And Wikipedia is that place you go when you've got a moment to reflect and say, OK, I…

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