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Dr Paul Kelly

Dr Paul Kelly talks about his research in PAHRC.

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Finding Graduate Employment

Top tips on where to look for graduate level employment, including speculative approaches

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The Corner Shop PR - GCAS Employer Interview

Sally is the Head of Operation of The Corner Shop PR, an arts PR firm based in Edinburgh who have with worked across the Scottish creative industry, with clients including the Edinburgh International…

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Tiger Industries - GCAS Employer Interview

Entrepreneur Sharon Williamson has founded several companies and invests in small businesses with her husband, Brian. She recommends figuring out the key players in your chosen industry to seek out…

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Planit Scotland - GCAS Employer Interview

Cecilia is the Managing Director of Plan It Scotland, a Marketing, Communications and Events Management firm based in the north of Scotland. Cecilia tells all as she covers a range of topics from the…

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This Is Milk - GCAS Employer Interview

Communications & Communities Manager at This Is Milk, Leanne McGuire, discusses the importance of creativity, teamwork and building connections to succeed in the communications and marketing…

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Top Tips: CVs

Top tips session on how to write a strong CV, and the pitfalls to avoid

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SACHA '23 - Robertson Group: Group 2 Proposal

On 26 April 2023, four #EdChangeAgent‚Äč teams presented their final proposals to their host organisation, Robertson Group. Each team screened a short video capturing their proposal for the challenge:…

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Combining Open and Financial Data for Targeted Policy Solutions - Mike Spencer

Join Mike Spencer from Smart Data Foundry as he introduces a case study of open data in action.

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Ben Moverley-Smith - IDCORE Interview 2022

BackgroundBen’s background in natural sciences, chemistry and physics had ignited his interest in materials science, especially for renewable energy applications. He was drawn to IDCORE as…

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UK Graduate Labour Market Insights

UK Graduate Labour Market Insights - Career Kickstarter - 2023

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Adaptation CoP_ October 2022

We were joined by George Tarvit, Director at SSN and Iryna Zamuruieva, Climate Resilience Manager at Sniffer to discuss tools and reporting in the public sector as well as community adaptation…

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