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International online learning community

Four graduating students from around the world talk to us about the vibrant international community on the University of Edinburgh's online learning programmes.

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‘Who is /ourguy/?’: Tracing memes to study online subcultures

Sal Hagen - ‘Who is /ourguy/?’: Tracing memes to study online subcultures AbstractIn fast-paced attention economies, Internet memes and catchphrases that manage to ‘stick’…

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ESO learning online

Edinburgh Surgery Online graduates explain what it was like to learn online.

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2. Innovation journey

Bute Consultancy's innovation journey.

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4. Major areas of service delivery

How health and social care services are delivered in the private, public and third sectors in Scotland.

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3. NHS Grampian: Person-centred records

Case study: NHS Grampian's person-centred records project.

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1. Digital innovation: Introduction

Introduction to session with Bute Consultancy on using data-driven innovation in their health and social care work.

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Not going to waste: preserving Scotland’s COVID-19 wastewater data - Livia Scorza & Andrew Millar

Particles of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the causative agent of the COVID-19 disease, can enter the sewage system through faeces of infected people. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has…

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EP1 - Week 3 Brief - 2021-22

EP1 - Week 3 Brief - 2021-22

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EP1 - Week 1 Brief - 2020-21

EP1 - Week 1 Brief

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HCA Learning Technology: Introduction to Miro

Recording of a training session (July 2021) for staff teaching in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology.

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Learn discussions

An overview of Learn discussion boards, considerations for use

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Greenhouse Gases

Climate Change Solutions

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TED2 Week 1 Activities

Description of Pictionary and the MacGyver Challenge activities for week 1 in Tools for Engineering Design

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Introduction to Block 3 PGCAP

A video introduction to Block 3 of the PG Cert in Academic Practice

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Mood Board Rooms

Turning Moodboards into cardboard scaled model concept rooms

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