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29 October 2021 Jaline Geraldine (Northwestern University, Illinois, USA)

This recording is in the process of being subtitled. We aim to have edited captions available within 2 weeks of publishing. 29 October 2021 Jaline Geraldine (Northwestern University, Illinois, USA)…

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CJS Seminar: Punishing Places: The Geography of Mass Imprisonment - Jessica T Simes

The Crime, Justice & Society Seminar Series presents Punishing Places: The Geography of Mass Imprisonment Dr Jessica T Simes (Boston University, Sociology) About the seminar …

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Law Personal Statement Workshop 2021

Reach Law Personal Statement workshop for 2021, including example extracts.

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(UG and PG) How-to complete the matriculation process

This video provides the step by step instructions outlining matriculation and how to complete the matriculation process

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YourEd Next Steps

YourEd+ next steps and information on phase 3

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Offer Holders - what happens next?

A timeline of what happens once you have been made an offer for an undergraduate programme offered by College of Science and Engineering at The University of Edinburgh.

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Research During a Pandemic - The ISARIC study

Dr Annemarie Docherty, Wellcome fellow and Consultant in Critical Care discusses the ISARIC study. This observational study has recruited approximately two thirds of patients of all ages admitted to…

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IDS - Week 05 - 05 - Simpson's paradox

Working through Simpson's paradox with a case study

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Medicine Online Personal Statement Workshop 2020

Reach Edinburgh Online Personal Statement Workshop 2020 In this session, we cover the basics of writing a UCAS personal statement. We explore the different topics to cover in a Personal Statement…

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Reflecting Effectively

Reflecting Effectively You'll very often hear that in your UCAS application and during interviews for certain subject areas, you want to reflect on the experiences you've had and what…

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Health Data Analytics

Health Data Analytics

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Chemistry - Offer Holder Presentation 2020

Presentation from Dr Peter Kirsop, School of Chemistry, for offer holders to undergraduate degree programmes in Chemistry.

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Promoting fairer access to Scottish universities: how can this be achieved?

This is the second annual memorial lecture in honour of the late Professor David Raffe. Professor Vikki Bolover of Durhan University drew on her recent research in Scotland to consider how we can…

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We asked students to tell us about their internship experience

Students tell us about their reasons for applying for internships through the Employ.ed on Campus, Employ.ed in an SME and Employ.ed for PhDs pr0grammes. …

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Earth Sciences at Edinburgh Open Day Talk (unclipped)

Interseted in how the Earth works? Undergraduate degrees in Earth sciences at the University of Edinburgh. The degrees available are: Geology, Environmental Geoscience, Geology and Physical…

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Performance Sport at The University of Edinburgh

Discover the world-class Performance Sport Programmes at the University of Edinburgh.

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