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Manuela Brunner EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Manuela Brunner Talk Title: Time scale determines the spatial patterns and extents of compound hot-dry…

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Introduction to Learning about Curriculum Transformation from Institutions Internationally

A video introduction to a paper for the Curriculum Transformation Hub

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Social Wellbeing trailer

MOOC trailer

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Minutes_TED2 2021

Video about taking minutes in meetings.

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Theme 3.2 Neolithic North Africa Part 1

Introduction and Fayum Neolithic

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Teaching in General Practice by Dr Helen Richards

Teaching in GP by Dr Helen Richards for Clinical Educator Programme

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MLP Lecture 05 - Clip 07 - Adam

Machine Learning Practical (MLP) Lecture 05, Clip 07 / 07.

From  Pavlos Andreadis on October 18th, 2020 2 likes 149 plays 0  


Presentation on the significance of fieldwork in the construction of knowledge in human geography

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Mathematics: Introductory Mathematics with Applications

This video goes through the topics that will be covered in Introductory Mathematics with Applications. See also

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GeoSciences - Physical Geography Course Options in 2020

This video provides an introduction to 3 Physical Geography courses that are available to students across the University as outside courses. Physical Geography - first year course…

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CIO update to all ISG staff 24 July 2020

CIO update to all ISG staff 24 July 2020

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Gaussian mixture model (GMM)

Gaussian mixture model (GMM)

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