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Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 2

Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 2

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Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 1

Evaluating Digital Transformation - Week 2, Part 1

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Welcome to your GCAS internship

A walk through of everything to expect and be thinking about while undertaking a GCAS internship

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SR course 2b - Good research questions: summary


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Surveillance for infectious diseases - Monitoring and Evaluation (Part 1)

This is first part of lecture on M&E

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CIO update video 12 August 2022

CIO update video 12 August 2022

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What is a systematic review?

This presentation covers a comparison of systematic reviews with other types of reviews you are likely to come across, and briefly outlines the approaches required for a literature search that…

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XAI Lecture Recording - Conterfactuals (Part 3)

This lecture will cover the Counterfactuals XAI technique.

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2. Laying the foundations

Part 2 of the Practical Project Management for Students playlist. Want to test your knowledge after watching? Why not take this short quiz - This video covers:…

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Structuring Teaching

Ian Lee (CEP Tutor) talks about and give examples for the set, body, close format for structuring teaching.

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Krzysztof Kepczynski EVA Talk Preview

This talk has captions. You can remove these by pressing CC on the video toolbar. Name: Krzysztof Kepczynski Talk Title: Running supremum of Brownian motion in dimension 2: exact and asymptotic…

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Developing Aims and objectives - The Library Team

This presentation is part of the Aims and Objectives section of the Systematic Reviews course.This part of the course is about some of the pre-review groundwork on review aims and objectives that…

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What is a Systematic Review dissertation like? (Dissertation and Thesis Festival)

Updated presentation on 30 October 2023 This presentation covered: what a systematic review (SR) is pros and cons of doing a SR for your dissertation summary of common questions or problems…

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Bedside Clinical Teaching

Dr Andrew Degnan offers tips on how to make bedside clinical teaching manageable and educationally robust based on his own experience.

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MSc Research Questions Lecture: Part 3

Aims, questions and objectives in quantitative and qualitative research. How to use some of the common mnemonics.

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