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LEL2A: Week 10, Lecture 3.

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Using Climate Data in Financial Decision Making

Matthew Brander and Atreya Dey (both University of Edinburgh) present two papers discussing the use of climate data in financial decision making.First Broadcast on 27 October, 2021Chaired by Dr…

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FNLP 19c

Compositional Semantics: Technical Details

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Introduction to Learning about Curriculum Transformation from Institutions Internationally

A video introduction to a paper for the Curriculum Transformation Hub

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Intro to Curriculum Conceptualisations Briefing Paper

Introduction to Briefing paper Curriculum Conceptualisations and the University of Edinburgh with Dr Catherine Bovill and Prof Iain Gordon.

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Programming Skills - Security (3)

Security (video 3)

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2b - Six Sigma and DMAIC

Lecture 2b - Six Sigma and DMAIC by Prof Ian Underwood

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Nativism and Empiricism in Linguistics 4

Nativism and Empiricism in Linguistics 4

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Music theory in critical and global context: What we cover in this course

This 5 part lecture on music theory in critical and global context by Dr Nikki Moran, Reid School of Music, provides an introduction and context to the Fundamentals of Music Theory course and open…

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Folk psychology - A false theory?

Philosophical MethodsVideo 4: Folk psychology as a false theory

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Master of Family Medicine - Online Learning - The University of Edinburgh

Study Family Medicine online at the University of Edinburgh: This course is delivered 100% online, allowing you to work at the same time as…

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Video 2 - Basics of Child Protection

This is a video for industry volunteers to watch to help them prepare to visit a computing classroom. This is the second in the series, about child protection policies.

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Why Edinburgh for MTh in World Christianity?

We asked some of our students why they chose the MTh in World Christianity at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.

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CCMeas - L3 1 Why Disclose

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CCMeas - L2 3 Challenges A

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CCMeas - L2 3 Challenges B

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