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10.3c A Japanese Handscroll of the Virgin Mary.mp4

In this video we go to Japan and consider a very rare 16th-century image of the Virgin Mary on a handscroll. At the end, Jill considers how we juxtapose images affects the narratives we tell. Whose…

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Can Charging for Plastic Bags Control Plastic Pollution

Hokkaido Conference

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History of Art Research Seminar 8 Oct 2020

Dr Colin Brady: Dealer’s Choice: How Japanese art dealers transformed the Asian art market in AmericaIn the late 19th and early 20th century the introduction of Japanese art dealers to the…

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Global eHealth online masters: Masafumi Komori - student testimonial

Japanese student, Masafumi, talks about studying Global eHealth online. Join our online community:

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Dr Chris Harding - Seeking 'Japan' in a Westernizing World: Revolution, Romance, and Imperialism, 1868 -- 1945

Dr Chris Harding introduces his online course 'Seeking 'Japan' in a Westernizing World: Revolution, Romance, and Imperialism, 1868 -- 1945', part of the online MSc History…

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Editing Wikipedia using Visual Editor: Part 2.4 Adding categories

This video demonstrates how to add categories to a Wikipedia page using the new Visual Editor interface.

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