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Resilience After Trauma: The Emerging Science of Dose

Scientists now recognize that the impact of trauma is best thought of in terms of dosage, with each subsequent trauma exposure adding to the harm, in part because of the biological impacts of…

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New Resources for Lectionary Year A: A CPD event for Ministers and Worship Leaders - Dr Anja Klein

In this video Dr Anja Klein (Senior Lecturer in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) speaks on the topic of 'Resilience in the Hebrew Bible – Theory and some Reflections on Practice' at the…

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Recipes for Resilience - Kate Crowley

Recipes for Resilience - Kate Crowley

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Adaptation COP Meeting - Korea's Experiences in Adaptation

ECCI adaptation community of practice meeting recording

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Drawdown In Practice

climate change solutions

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Queer Voices from the Pandemic

While there are multiple LGBTQ+ communities in the UK, something that unites them is resilience in the face of crisis. Queer Britain, the national LGBTQ+ museum, has launched…

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Confidence and Resilience in Conversation With Carol Craig Recording

This recording is from our 'in conversation' series from a 2018 live event led by Carol Craig, focusing on the themes of confidence and resilience of children in Scotland. Although the…

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Edinburgh Innovations building partnerships: Dr Maurizio Tomasella

Dr Maurizio Tomasella from the Business School at the University of Edinburgh discusses his involvement with airports, airlines and air traffic controllers around the UK and Europe as well as…

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Surveillance and Resilience - Raab and Jones - Data Controversies 2019

**The first minute or so of the audio is missing** Prof Charles Raab, Professorial Fellow, Politics and International RelationsDr Richard Jones, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, School of Law…

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Exploring the roles of community anchor organisations

This webinar drew from the recent What Works Scotland research report on community-led, holistic community organisations – in particular as community development trusts and…

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Amy Chandler - Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience Suicide & Self-Harm

Recorded on 06 November 2018 in Screening Room - 50 George Square

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Resilience and Depression: the STRADL project

What makes people resilient to depression? Depression is a very common psychiatric disorder but also one of the least studied. Past research tried to pin down the reasons that led people to…

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Near Future Teaching - About the Project

The Near Future Teaching project is about working together to co-design the future of digital education at Edinburgh. We are running a series of workshops, talks, think-tanks, interviews and other…

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Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People -The nature of resilience

This project was created by the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh.

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Clinical Psychology of Children and Young People - Adoption as a resilience-building experience

This project was created by the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh.

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