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'Profiling Tax Scammers' 12th November 2020

Ntaniella Roumpini Pylarinou, University of Huddersfield Fraud has been always a financial burden for governments, while victims of fraud suffer financial and psychological consequences to the…

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CJ&S Seminar: The Rational Myths of the Carceral State - Jonathan Simon

Crime, Justice and Society Seminar Series: The Rational Myths of the Carceral State Jonathan Simon Lance Robbins Professor of Criminal Justice Law, UC Berkeley Law About the seminar…

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CJ&S Seminar - Milena Tripkovic

Transcending the boundaries of punishment: On the nature of citizenship deprivation About the seminar A significant number of countries have recently (re)introduced or expanded legal provisions…

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AccSoc1 LV0.1 - Welcome

Access Programme - Access Social Sciences 1 - a video introducing and course and explaining how it is organised and what it is about.

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