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Inaugural Lecture of Nehal Bhuta

Edinburgh Law School presents: The Inaugural Lecture of Professor Nehal BhutaRecovering Social RightsAbout the lectureDespite a flourishing in the constitutionalization and adjudication of social…

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From Tait to Higgs

"From Tait to Higgs" is a short film tracing the development of theoretical physics in Edinburgh from the Victorian era, starting with the work of Peter Guthrie Tait, up to the discovery of…

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cafe with people, still

Cafe with some tables and chairs and people.

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Empty stage hall pan with empty seats and tables

Empty big hall, with stage in background and chairs and round tables in the foreground

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Prof. John W Cairns - An Uncommon Law?

Professor John W. Cairns, Professor of Civil Law, presents his inaugural lecture entitled "An Uncommon Law?". The first discipline in law taught in the University of Edinburgh was the…

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Laura Macgregor

This event took place on 16 November, 2022 Edinburgh Law School presents the Inaugural Lecture of Professor Laura Macgregor Scottish Partnership Law: The Contribution of George Joseph Bell…

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September 14th 2021 - Reflection & Inquiry. Settling and Grounding from Thoughts (Audio Only)

Mindfulness drop-in recording September 14th - Reflection & Inquiry. Settling and Grounding from Thoughts

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FOFBOC (Feet on Floor, Bottom on Chair) Practice

This is a short practice to help you feel grounded and calm.

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3-step Breathing Space

This is a short practice to help you check in, settle, and ground yourself regularly throughout the day.

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ICTD21 - Gordon Hill

Dr Gordon Hill from Glasgow Caledonian University gives us an indication of his career path and how he became involved with Clinical Research.

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General Council Half-Yearly Meeting Saturday 14 February 2015 Principal's Report

Principal and Vice Chancellor presented the Annual Review to the General Council at its meeting on Saturday 14 February 2015.

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Evolution versus Devolution - Peter Reid, Edinburgh Law School

The Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law presents Evolution versus Devolution: Contrasting the Devolution Certificates of the Speaker of the House of Commons and the Presiding Officer of the…

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Phil Methods 1 - Week 10 - Part 2

Sartre on Imagination

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Embodiment in Psychology Part 4

Theory, simulation, motion

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Welcome by Mile Giles (MCQMC 2020, 11.08.20)

Welcome by Mile Giles

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Planning and Acting in the Real World: Contingent Planning

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