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Humanities researchers’ perspectives towards scholarly communication practices - Dominic Hewett

To change research culture for the better, we need to understand researchers. Existing studies of the scholarly communication landscape in the humanities, especially in relation to open access, have…

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Introduction to Ally: Learn's Accessibility Tool

This video provides an introduction to Ally, an accessibility tool which is integrated into Learn. It provides users with the ability to download alternative formats of content and also provides…

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Combining Word and pdf documents in one file in Word 365

How to merge a Word document in the portrait format with a pdf file in the landscape format.

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How Do You Keep Learners Engaged?

Lizzy Garner-Foy, Instructional Designer at the University, discusses five key areas to focus on when creating content that will make your course informative, engaging and enjoyable.

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Section 3 Introduction

Section 3 introduction for the short course How to Create an Online Course.

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Week 3 assessment formats

Week 3 lecture on assessment formats for Assessment, Examination and Standard Setting course on the MSc Clinical Education

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An Edinburgh Model for Online Teaching - featuring interviews from teaching staff around the University.

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CCCF 2019: Careers in Film and TV

Recording of the panel session 'Careers in Film & TV' from CCCF 2019.

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How to Edit Wikipedia - unabridged version

How to Edit Wikipedia - unabridged version 2018 tutorial including how to navigate your way round a page.

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Feature Transforms and Radial Basis Functions

Feature Transforms and Radial Basis Functions

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File Formats

Understanding file formats in research data. If you download and reuse this video, please remember to attribute the University of Edinburgh and include the relevant licence information.

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Generalization Error

Generalization Error

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