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NICE: Module 5 - Bootstrapping Theory - Hans Landström

An introduction to bootstrapping by Hans Landström

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Learning Technology Showcase March 2018, Part 2

Lecture Technology Showcase (run by the Learning Teaching and Web division of Information Services, University of Edinburgh) of 29th March 2018 on the subject of lecture recording. Part 2. Speakers:…

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Professor Jim Crow - Late Roman and Byzantine Archaeology - Research In a Nutshell

Professor Crow talks about his research in Late Roman and Byzantine Archaeology.

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CO2andpH_CCS - Quiz

The effect on Ph and acidity of adding CO2 to water and its importance in carbon capture and storage

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Social wellbeing: the global happiness epidemic with Dr Neil Thin

Dr Neil Thin proposes the theory that we are living in a uniquely happy time, but so much more needs to be done if societies around the world are to experience meaningful standards of living. Part…

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Social Wellbeing MOOC WK3 - Welfare States & Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing MOOC WK3 - Welfare States & Wellbeing

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Historical Mapping - Make Your Own

This video provides a follow-up to the first online mapping tutorial, though it goes more in depth into the actual geo-referencer application associated with the NLS. This tutorial, again, offers a…

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Malt Tax Riots - Introduction to Historical Mapping

This video offers an introduction to online historical mapping for students and teachers wanting to create their own interactive maps. The video includes a tutorial screencast narrating the various…

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