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EEA 2021 - Linear Regression

Lecture for linear regression and non-parametric equivalent.

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UK-APASI in Mathematical Sciences: Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths (Lecture 2)

Subtitles will be added soon. Monday 22 February 2021 UK-APASI in Mathematical Sciences Jasmina Panovska-Griffiths - Statistical analysis to identify risks groups of COVID-19 and to explore…

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FDS-S2-01-2-6 Estimating the confidence interval of means of large samples

We'll derive confidence intervals for the mean of large samples, when we can assume the sampling distribution of the mean is normal.

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USMR lecture 10 part 2

how to analyse and write up (slides)

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USMR lecture 7 part 1

model criticism

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CL - Lecture 3g - Making more rules with contrapositions

Using meta-/object-level contrapositions, we can derive all 15 sound syllogisms from Barbara.

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Final Thoughts

Phil Methods 1, week 1, part 5

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PT - EDI training

Equality and Diversity training for UEBS PTs

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What is science ARS Lecture 1 edited

I introduce the concept of science, philosophies of science and why they are important.

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