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Mathematical modelling of the sleep-wake cycle: light, clocks and societal rhythms - Anne Skeldon

EMS online talk Anne Skeldon (University of Surrey) Mathematical modelling of the sleep-wake cycle: light, clocks and societal rhythms 19 February 2021 To remove the captions from this video press CC…

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SL week 4 intro

Welcome to week 4 of Sustaining life, titled Respiratory physiology

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Emilian Parau - Flexural-gravity waves generated by moving loads

Wednesday 25 November Emilian Parau - Flexural-gravity waves generated by moving loadsThree-dimensional waves generated by moving loads on top of floating ice plates are investigated. The ice plates…

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CL - 6a - Keeping it Simple

We begin by revisiting the idea of a universal model. If we have only n predicates then we can distinguish only 2n kinds of individual. So we only need to consider 2^{2n} universes. For example, for…

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dotty collage part 1

dotty collage part 1 Robbie Bushe give a demonstration workshop on ways to scale up and interpret photographs using dotted collage papers.

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Birkin Greig Robust Epidemic Models with Urban Simulation (REMUS)

V-KEMS meeting - Mathematical modelling and COVID-19: How can modelling inform a response to the current COVID-19 resurgence? This is the talk by Mark Birkin (Leeds/Turing Institute) & Rory…

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CL - Lecture 4b - Visualising Negation

What is the difference between 'a' and 'not a'? Here we visualize them on a globe instead of a plane.

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4.2 Algorithm society Internet and Society 2020

INternet and Society 2020

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PSR 1 Lecture 5 Part 3

Fine Tuning Lecture Part 3

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Folk psychology - The intentional stance

Philosophical methods Folk psychology Video 6: the intentional stance

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Data Explorers - Asking Questions about Corona Virus Data

Data Education for School's Kate Farrell considers how we can support young people to understand corona virus data.

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M&M Podcast 17: Course design in the past, the challenging present, and the near future at the University of Edinburgh

The seventeenth episode of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast finds us discussing course design in all its glory with Jon Jack, Learning Technology Team Manager at the University of Edinburgh.…

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Paediatric orthopaedics: Non-Accidental Injury

Non-accidental injury in the paediatric population. Epidemiology Soft-tissue injuries Fractures Susceptible conditions The role of the doctor

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CANTO 49 This event showcases the Fifth Decad of Cantos (42-51) that Ezra Pound composed in 1934-36. While continuing on his epic journey, Pound started this section with new focus and new ideas. As…

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