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Let's Talk- Islamaphobia podcast

Let’s Talk podcast, Islamophobia Awareness In this episode, I am joined by staff member Umar Malik and PhD student Estifa’a Zaid, for a special recording made in Islamophobia…

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Lecture 10 Part 1

Lecture 10 Part 1: Community solidarity

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RESPIRE Showcase: Best of Community Engagement and Involvement

PLEASE NOTE: The video captions have been auto generated Delivered by Tracy Jackson, University of Edinburgh Recorded for the RESPIRE Annual Scientific Meeting 2020 Community members represent a…

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Lecture 8 Part 6

Lecture 8 Part 6: After disasters

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5th Nov: Part 2 What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEM Q&A

What works? Solutions to race and gender discrimination in STEMQ&A Session5th November 2020 Dr Udeni Salmon @ujsalmon are you joining us from? Please share your…

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MA Learning in Communities

Programme Co-Director, Dr Gary Fraser, introduces the MA Learning in Communities, a new professionally-endorsed qualification which builds on the expertise of our former BA Community Education,…

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What is Learning 15.10.20

A short video about what learning means in higher education

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Gillian Gray presenting the Citizenship awards for the Postdoc Awareness Week 2020

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Bovine Tuberculosis - An International Perspective on Diagnosis and Control 2

Controlling Infectious Diseases in Beef and Dairy Cattle

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Curricula for Wicked Problems

Curricula for Wicked Problems: The complex, messy, global challenges that students are likely to encounter in their teaching and learning.

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 8

Edinburgh Culture Conversations Week 8

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Interview with Laszlo Máthé

Dr Fiona Borthwick talks to Laszlo Máthé, Principle Sustainability Officer at New Britain Palm Oil, about the future of sustainable global food systems.

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How-To find students like you for mature students, student parents and student carers

Join your Students' Association for an introduction to our online communities for mature students, student parents, and students with unpaid caring responsibilities. We'll also be…

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Introduction to Scottish Studies Courses

This video introduces four option courses in Scottish Studies which are available to all students across the university. If you are interested in learning about the culture and traditions of…

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Smart Places Panel Discussion

The Edinburgh Living Lab, Edinburgh Futures Institute and Data-Driven Innovation programme, held a ‘Smart Places’ themed live panel discussion on Friday 26 June 2020. What do we mean by…

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Edinburgh Culture Conversations - Week 4

Edinburgh Culture Conversations - Event 4 3rd August 2020

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