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Online Assessments - Used by employers in graduate recruitment

In this session, we will look at online assessments, and cover online interviews, video interviews, online assessment centre activities i.e. group exercises, observed role play etc, as well as online…

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Self Care and Wellbeing course trailer

Learn practical techniques to improve your wellbeing and manage your response to stress so you can care for others effectively. Enrol now on FutureLearn!

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Lecture 2. Religious Networks in the Reformation Era

Two networks transformed the early modern world. The first was the Iberian network of discoverers and conquerors that helped usher in an age of European world domination and colonialism. The second…

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Gordon Ferries plays Ferdinando Carulli, Morceaux Progressifs, No. 12.

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Introduction to Internet and Society 2021

INtroduction to how the course will be run, the learning materials and the themes

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Introduction to Engaging with External Partners

Dr Shonagh McEwan (Knowledge Exchange and Impact Advisor) shares advice on engaging with external partners. ENGAGE, Edinburgh Innovations’ new online learning programme is designed to give you…

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School of Engineering - Control and Instrumentation 3 - Remote Laboratories Introduction

Prof Tim Drysdale introduces the remote laboratories you will be using on this course, showing you the stacks of experiment boxes, what's inside them, how to access them via the browser, and…

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Introductory video containing a summary on the Course Information.Here we list the main information on the delivery of the course, assessment, library resources, sources of help.

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IDS - Week 01 - 02 - First dataviz

Application exercise: your first data visualization. Choose between data on how countries voted in the United Nations and COVID-19 fatality across the globe and create your first data visualization.

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Hornsby’s Objection

Phil Methods 1: Week 1, part 4

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Welcome to Introduction to Syntax

Short video of welcome

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Guided Tour of the Learn Site 2020

Guided Tour of the Learn Site 2020

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Circuits Gym Overview

The circuit gym at the pleasance offers members a fully air-conditioned spacious environment to focus on a full-body conditioning-based workout.

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FASIC Back health video - part 2

Top tips for managing back pain and moving your spine whilst working at home from one of our FASIC physios.

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FASIC Back Health - part 1

Top tips for managing back pain and moving your spine whilst working at home from one of our FASIC physios.

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